lightbox, text documents, drawings, photographs, medium format and video projection, wooden structure.

'heim' interrogates the narrative positionings between the private and immediate versus the exterior influx of transnational interests.

The video shows a short excerpt of the original film, depicting a 37 min survey on the everyday, covering the entire road-net of the town Upernavik between twilight and darkness. Projected onto a small maquet of the standardized Greenlandic/Danish housing type, the landscape appears as a miniature window, framed by a wooden construction blocking the exit ways.

Archival material describes the landscape from the perspective of Danish explorers. Their texts are shown alongside contemporary documents from a multinational engineering and planning consortium that describe the entire west coast of Greenland and assess the extent to which extraction and processing of oil and other raw materials would be possible. The landscape features are described in terms of their 'usability' where Upernavik appears in the category: considered suitable. 'heim' is a work about the views from inside and outside.