konvergenz (voids)


multi-part installation
linocut, wood, sisal, photographs

'convergence: the coming together, getting closer, leaning towards another; lines which intersect at one point. viewed from this meeting point, they diverge (outward movement)'


passages couverts used to be the heart of the textile sales in 18th century Paris. Nowadays partly disused, the former utopia and dream-like scenarios of the metropole have become silent and dark tunnels. ‘konvergenz’ deals with voids and volumes, lines intersecting and diverging. Between tension and suspension, the controlled and off-balance, counterweight, translucency.

The video depicts a walk through the passages, showing their roofs. The iron constructions appear like a silhouette filmed against the light, like a line drawing in front of the sky. Translated into fragile structures of wood and sisal, the lines extend into the space between ceiling and floor, from wall to wall.
A piece of cloth suspended from the height, entangled, makes the thin support bend over, yet not quite tumbling down. Black rectangles, either a looking in or looking out, printed on layers of transparency, placed between the window and the floor, inside and outside.