blue time

ONO, Kunstnerens Hus, Oslo, Norway
durational activities from 11.30-23.00

How can I work as an artist these days? No budget for shipping work, thus I take my suitcase and fill it with the essentials for an artistic expedition: flags to highlight areas, maps, photos of excursions, tools, colours. Exploring the entrance area and foyer with all its lines, air shafts, lively chaos and high ceilings of Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo. Blue time, fading lights.

The main concern of the guests: Will you finish on time?
That thought had not crossed my mind. Yet, when is something finished? There is always more to explore. The sheets of paper and flags dance above the lukewarm wind exhaled by the air shafts. I take a break to have a drink with some friends while it gets dark. Blue time.