nuancer af blå

2016. Visualisation of a new facade for Frederiksberg, Denmark

With a busy road and a shopping centre nearby, the area is characterized by lots of traffic, pedestrians and cyclist. The idea is to re-use existing signs and symbols of the immediate surroundings and to direct the viewers gaze away from street level.
The proposal can be read as a work in the minimalist tradition. I have previously made light boxes to present photographs, and I am fascinated by their spatial effect. With this new proposal, I relate to traditional neon and advertising displays which have been characteristic for bigcitylife and modernism.
The color intensity of the facade in shades of blue decreases gradually and becomes lighter towards the roof. The stripes and arrow are designed as three-dimensional objects in aluminum with a white acrylic sheet front. The number of light objects corresponds to the storeys of the building. Aluminium boxes give the work depth. They are illuminated with power-saving LED technology at dusk. In this way, the facade transforms from being like a painting during daytime, to be a light installation in the nighttime.