in collaboration with Stephen Crowe 

performance, sound and installation at 1024m, Hardangervidda Nationalpark, Norway 

‘absens’ is a body of work combining sound and installation at the former outfarm Stavali, Hardangervidda Nationalpark by Frauke Materlik (artist and landscape architect) and Stephen Crowe (composer). ‘absens’ highlights the changes in nature, landscape and their resultant impact on society. Is there an alternative to current developments? 
Former agricultural areas are changing in many countries. Farms close down every year, or are replaced by agriculture on a large scale. Animal husbandry has become an almost invisible phenomenon, and large areas become overgrown. The sound of livestock and farming has previously been part of the surroundings, but this has practically vanished from the landscape today. ‘absens’ features recomposed field recordings of agricultural processes
and kinetic sculpture to reflect the transformations of Norway.  
The installation takes place at the former outfarm near Stavali. It pivots between past and present: How do we want the land and infrastructure to be organized in the future? 

supported by Hordaland turlag, Bergen kommune, Hordaland fylkeskommune and Arts Council Norway.