Ifølge reglerne...

Ifølge reglerne til den internationale luftfartorganisation ICAO må der være vindposer på alle flyvepladser.
(According to the rules of the international aviation organisation ICAO, there have to be windbags at all airports.)

Skovlunde airfield, Copenhagen

Material: 9 flagpoles, 8m, custom made windbags

It has been several years since the closure of the airfield. Today, the site appears neglected, fairly open and windy. As part of the urban renewal strategy, a public park with several art projects will be established. My work is one of the first to be installed. It gives the impression of being remnants from the former airfield time. The flagpoles are installed at various angles, as if the wind is about to loose them from their fittings. The windbags feature a strong orange, not the original red colour. With the grouping of these 8m high flagpoles, I want to create a landmark and sense of orientation in the otherwise flat terrain.