(mapping) proximity

material: water, watercolour paper, bottles

Blood consists of 95% of water. Antarctica is shaped by several cubicsquarekilometres of ice. The Arctic Ice keeps shrinking, they said in the news yet again. Icebergs travel, and sooner or later, they dissolve. I travel to bodies of water within about a 15km radius from my studio:
The Garden Well The Stream The Pond in the Bog The Sea at Low Tide The Ditch The Tidal River The Water Butt The Sea at High Tide.
In reference to Roni Horn’s ‘Library of Water’, I take samples, admiring the variety of hues. These waters have come from many other places, the Arctic, the Antarctic, who knows. Transforming the waters into ice again, it all melts shortly afterwards. Different colour shapes and sediments create a floating image resembling a map. I don’t need to go far, variety is in proximity. It’s all entangled somehow. Have these waters been part of a blood stream?