together elsewhere


Performance with Daniel Häller

materials: string, voice, black paint
space: in front of a white wall with a door at one side

During our preparations, we talked about continuities, interruptions, and lines running through: Continuities such as cave paintings. There have been recent discoveries of 200.000 year old finger prints, cave paintings made by children in the Tibet region. Despite of all the news and turmoils, there is always a certain continuity which feels rather comforting.Very early on, we agreed to use string, it provides a connection, a line from one screen to the other, and at the same time it also becomes an obstacle and entanglement. The use of the hand was a topic on its own - lines in the palm of a hand, hands reaching out, creating shapes, connecting at the edge of the screens - but also making quite a mess. We wanted to use our voices as a means of creating proximity, finding the other despite of kilometres away and just digitially near.
This performance happened two evenings before the invasion of Ukraine.

'together elsewhere' is a performance series organized by PAB - Performance Art Bergen and PANCH - Performance Art Network Switzerland for online live streaming by Mediathek of the Academy of Art and Design (FHNW), Basel. 'together elsewhere' is a performance art project where two artists, one from PAB and one from PANCH, perform at the same time with the same materials and the same type of space but in their different locations.