shifting continuities

Performance as part of 'Between Sky and Sea' by PAB Performance Art Bergen and Longva Air, Nordøyane, Norway

Photos: Margarida Paiva

Material: wheel barrow, secateurs, preserving jars with quotes (Artsdatabanken - Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, 'Fremmedartlista 2018', Michel Foucault, 1986, 'Of Other Spaces', Derek Jarman, 1991, 'Modern Nature')

'shifting continuities' is about encounters of species, places, text fragments and the multifaceted effects of interactions.

The audience was taken for a walk along the water edge with its varied vegetation. Plants that are listed as 'alien species' (according to The Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre) were cut and collected. When we gather on the beach, next to the yellow flowering Lysimachia (another 'alien species'), we take turns in reading the quotes. A new kind of text emerges, stringing together words by Jarman, Foucault and Artsdatabanken, thus juxtaposing the concept of garden, the notion of being foreign and concepts of time.