Ferne Nähe - The Distant Near


multi-part installation at aspex gallery, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and The Old Guardrooms at Gunwharf as part of my show the distant near

light boxes
dimensions: 50x50x12cm
200m of textile

The images were taken along the coast and out at sea in Norway, Germany and England. Before modern technology, the distance from the boat to the horizon line was the synonym for the realm of communication.

Boathouse 4  is an important place of early industrial manufacturing, a property within the dockyard of Portsmouth next to the first icon of the Commonwealth, Lord Nelson's 'Victory'.
I collaborate with the workers of the shipyard, assembling a large intricate structure, as an interwoven knot floating in the spacious hall - a gently swinging, translucent landmark and point of orientation, heavy and light at the same time.

With thanks to Art Space Portsmouth, The English Arts Council and The Danish Arts Council.