2019. transfer

Entanglements - Performance Festival on the islands Steilene in Oslofjord. Organized by pao - Performance Art Oslo, curated by Fernanda Branco. Photos: Jon Marius Nilsson

Inside a disused tank, formerly a storage for petroleum oil:
Placing a strip of paper, a new layer on top of existing surfaces - a walkway in extension of the ditch. The impact of my feet leave traces on the paper. Whatever is underneath, it rubs through.
Suspending the plumb line into a glass filled with black, then pulling and swinging it above the white sheet. Gravity creates circles, lines, drops, and splatters. They add to and interlink with the imprints. Drawing on land. Petroleum oil is outdated. The paper sheets get folded back into smaller rectangles like maps. This pile of land drawings becomes a base for the wind turbine to be carried to its spot near the water edge. It could stand as a sign of our current times, at some point to be outdated just as petroleum oil.