december 2019

It's happening. The 10th grade and I pose with our portable landscapes and our sponsor from the 'Sparkassenstiftung' for the photographer of the regional newspaper. And this at 9 o'clock in the morning on a grey and rainy December day!! 
Then we finally hike along the fields.  
Thank you to everyone involved: The 10th grade and their teacher Barbara Gramann, Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, and Sparkassenstiftung! And great to have Ayleen Behrens with us, she documents our walk. 

Photo: Ayleen Behrens


autumn 2019. Künstlerdorf Schöppingen

Outside with the school class, strolling along the village edge. What do our surroundings look like? What is a detail? What do you appreciate, what should be changed?



Working in Schöppingen again, amongst fields, slaughter houses and wind turbines.


autumn 2019. Ofoten.

Teaching model-making to grade. Lots of different stories, objects, colours. And fun.


float. a telepathic residency with Andrea Stokes

> > Float is an imaginary space. It invites translation into something that moves between the physical and touchable to the unfixed and immaterial. It acts as a conduit. Float explores the notion of 'work space' as a space for invention and collective conversation. Float reverses the idea of an artist residency as being a space away from home. With float, we stay in our studios in Lunden and London, yet conduct telepathic meetings every day, working along similar schedules which involve sound recording, drawing, making, writing, and exchange the results at the end of each day. Thus, a new process is triggered the following day.